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ERASMUS + PROJECT: “Our small grain of sand” Preparatory visit in Gdańsk, Poland

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Our high school is engaged in the project “Our small grain of sand” with other schools from Poland (Gdańsk) and Finland (Jyväskylä). The name of our project throws a very powerful message by asking everyone to take action, because every little bit helps- in this case, regarding sustainability and environmental issues. In this Erasmus+ project, there are several important activities planned to reach the main objectives: raise awareness and try to find solutions to climate change and sustainable development. Therefore, mobilties with students in our partner countries (Finland and Poland) are essential to work together along the process of learning.

From January 30th to February 3rd, a preparatory meeting was held with our Polish partners(Patrycja and Irena) in Gdańsk, Poland. Three teachers from Pius were able to travel there to work with the Polish ones and prepare the activities of the future and close exchanges.

The Polish high school is called Zespół Szkół Łączności and there we were able to meet the headmaster, prepare the activities and, last but not least, meet the students involved in the project. It was an amazing experience for all the teachers and we are sure that students will enjoy and learn a lot.  

In a few days, our students are going to meet their Polish partners in Gdańsk, they are very excited and so we are for them. This exchange is to be held from February 13th to 17th. Therefore, you will be given more information when they come back. 

This is a special Erasmus+ month for Pius and we are going to publish more information on the website along the following days. We are very proud and excited to be part of this, and we are looking forward to these student exchanges. 

Erasmus coordinators: Toni Carbonell, Rosa Serentill and Sole Gonzalo

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